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Capacities of the Rescue Services in the Arctic: Advancement of Knowledge and Cooperation

What is an ArcResc-project? 

The aim of the project is to promote international cooperation in the field of rescue services in the Arctic region and to share knowledge and develop performance of rescue operations. The project will bring together rescue services from Arctic Council member states and other stakeholders relevant to the project themes.

The main themes are:

  • Arctic environment and disaster scenarios in the Arctic
  • Rescue Services capacities in the Arctic  
  • Forest fires & wildfires
  • Human rescue
  • Indigenous people
  • Climate change related issues
  • International and cross-border cooperation

A two-year project will run until the end of 2023.
The project is financed by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

As a result of the project an Arctic Fire and Rescue Network of Knowledge was established.

Past Events

ArcResc Final Seminar: Future of the Fire and Rescue Services in the Arctic Region

Arctic Fire & Rescue Short Film Contest
Webinar series
: Fire & Rescue Services in the Arctic Countries

Sweden 26.1.2023: Ask for a private permission for viewing the the webinar about Swedish rescue services from

Finland 12.12.2022

Kickoff I             9th Feb.
0200Fairbanks/0300Vancouver/1100Reykjavik,GMT/1200Oslo,Stockholm/ 1300Helsinki/1400Moscow,Murmansk/2000Yakutsk

Kickoff II            10th Feb.
0800Fairbanks/0900Vancouver/1700Reykjavik,GMT/1800Oslo,Stockholm/ 1900Helsinki/2000Moscow,Murmansk/0200Yakutsk 

Project partners

Project is managed by the Finnish Association of Fire Officers and managed in cooperation with Ministry of the Interior Finland, Rescue Services of Lapland, Kainuu Rescue Department and Rescue Services of North Ostrobothnia. 

Are you interested in participating the project?
Please, contact project manager: joel.kauppinen(at)

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Project manager
Joel Kauppinen
email:    joel.kauppinen(at)
phone:  +358 44 7268 112

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