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The expert activities of the Finnish Association of Fire Officers are significant contributions towards safety, including publishing statements and presentations, appointing representatives, promoting external projects, managing internal initiatives, and partipating in international cooperation. Expert activities are bidirectional, where expertise from fieldwork is directed towards various projects and, simultaneously, the latest knowledge in the field is shared.

Expert committees

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers also appoints expert committees, which promote the development of their respective areas in collaboration with the office, sections, and other stakeholders.

  • The Mental Health in Fire and Rescue Sector Committee
  • Working at Height Committee
  • The Road Rescue Committee
  • The Underwater Rescue Diving Committee
  • The Safety in Social and Health Care Committee

Expert Representation

The expert representatives appointed by the Finnish Association of Fire Officers serve in various bodies including:

The expert representatives appointed by the Finnish Association of Fire Officers serve in various external projects including:

  • CTIF: Fire Prevention Commision
  • Sisäaministeriö/pelastusosasto: Tuhopolttojen torjunnan yhteistyöryhmä
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: Oppimateriaali ja tutkimus -työryhmä
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: 112-päivän työryhmä
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: Koululaisten turvallisuuskampanja Nou Hätä!
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: Kehittämishankkeen yhteistyöryhmä
  • Suomen Pelastusalan Keskusjärjestö: Tulityötoimikunta
  • Suomen standardisoimisliitto: Palotekninen komitea TK 108
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: Pelastustoimen koulutuksen järjestelyjä selvittävä työryhmä
  • Sisäministeriö/pelastusosasto: Palonsyyntutkimuksen kehittämishanke

Bodies appointed by the Finnish Association of Fire Officers advance development in various areas including: 

  • The Competition Board is tasked with ensuring the continuity and development of the Fire Brigade’s National Championships.
  • The Training Committee is responsible for guiding and coordinating the association’s training activities.
  • The Road Rescue Committee, whose purpose is to develop and support the association’s and the entire fire and rescue sector’s expertise in road rescue.
  • The Nordic Operations Working Group’s task is to support and expand the position of the Swedish language within the Finnish Association of Fire Officers. Additionally, the working group is expected to maintain contact with Swedish-speaking municipalities, partners, and other Nordic countries, as well as being responsible for other relevant activities.
  • The Underwater Rescue Diving Committee, aimed at enhancing and promoting surface rescue and underwater rescue diving activities in fire brigades.