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Association general meeting

The highest decision-making body of the Finnish Association of Fire Officers is the biannual association general meeting. The spring meeting is held no later than May, and the autumn meeting no later than December. The association general meeting elects, among other things, the association board responsible for guiding and overseeing the association’s activities in accordance with the established policies.

Association board

As the executive body under the association general meeting, the board is responsible for the operations of the association. The association board consists of a chairperson and six (6) other regular members. With the exception of the chairperson, each member has a personal alternate member.

Expert committees

The association board is assisted by expert committees and section boards.

Executive Director and office

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers operates an office with full-time staff and facilities. The office provides services, creates conditions for, and implements the decisions of the association’s administration. The operational activities of the office are led by the Executive Director.


Members of the Finnish Association for Fire Officers are divided into six (6) committees. The activities of the committees are led by the committee chairperson and committee board elected during committee meetings. Additionally, the liaison officer from the association’s office also participates in each committee board meeting.

The sections are:

  • Administration and support services
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Risk management
  • Volunteer fire brigade
  • Emergency preparedness and civil defence
  • Corporate security