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Trainings for rescue and safety sector

Expertise is emphasized in the rescue and security sector. The Finnish Association of Fire Officers organizes dozens of training sessions annually, reaching thousands of people. The goal is to develop the professional competence of its members and partners.

The better the expertise, the better everybody can contribute to the safety of homes, schools, and workplaces.

Creating safety – safety trainings for companies and communities

The Finnish Association of Fire Officers offers tailored, customer-oriented risk management expert and consulting services. These include safety training for businesses and communities. We assist our partners in creating high-quality safety management systems and putting them into operation.

Different aspects of safety are closely intertwined, and therefore the Finnish Association of Fire Officers aims to provide a wide range of security training services, from preventive work to preparedness for emergency situations and post-event learning. The association also lives up to the societal expectations by actively nurturing interaction between the rescue sector and the business community.