ISES 2025

Luminen tunturimaisema pastellissa kaamosvalossa. Teksti: International Safety Education Seminar 2025.

The 8th International Safety Education Seminar

Time: March 12–13, 2025

Place: Levi, Lapland, Finland


ISES is organized in association with the Federation of EUropean fire officers (FEU).

Logo: The Finnish Association of Fire Officers
The Finnish National Rescue Association
FEU-teksti EU-lipputähtien keskellä. Taustalla sininen väritys.

About ISES 2025

For fire safety professionals

International Safety Education Seminar is for all fire safety professionals all over the world. We get together to innovate, to create and to share ideas to increase the level of fire safety awareness and education.

The ISES 2025 program

The program entails presentations from and networking with safety professionals such as researchers, teachers, fire inspectors, and others. The themes will include different aspects of fire safety and education. The detailed program and the main themes will be decided and published after the deadline of abstracts – that will be in October 2024.

For presenters

Call for abstracts

We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the International Safety Education Seminar 2025 (ISES). ISES serves as a platform for people interested in fire safety and public safety. This includes researchers, fire safety and communication experts, students, decision makers and organisations utilizing information and research results. There is also a poster presentation session.

Please follow these instructions to send your abstract by Sep 15th, 2024.

In addition to research projects, we accept presentations about good practices in fire safety education. Follow the same instructions than with abstracts.

The chosen abstracts will be gathered as a printed publication and electrical pdf document. All the attendees of ISES 2025 will get their copy of it.

Important dates

Contact information

About abstracts and the content of the program

Ms. Annika Rinne
International Relations Specialist
The Finnish National Rescue Association

Ms. Laura Kuurne
The Finnish National Rescue Association

About the ISES event and registration

Ms. Terhi Kallio
Communications Specialist
The Finnish Association of Fire Officers

Other important information

Arrival in Levi

Please find out the good arrival instructions on Visit Levi website.

Accommodation in Levi

Information about accommodation will be placed here by Apr 30, 2024. Please note that the accommodation prices increase the closer we get to the event date. Levi is a very popular skiing resort, and the event takes place during high season.

More information about ISES 2025

Stay tuned. More information about ISES 2025 will be placed on this site later. Follow also #ISES2025 on social media channels to gain latest information.

Please fill the form, if you wish to be informed about the event by email. We will use your contact information only for this purpose.