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Safety training services

The safety training we offer to companies and communities is based on three principles:

1. Needs-Driven Approach

We tailor safety training courses according to the operational environment and target audience, whether it is for supervisors, management, or workers. At the heart of our approach is risk-based prioritization – we assist in prioritizing different contents based on risk assessment.

2. Expertise

You can easily access the best experts and trainers in various safety domains through us. As a member organization with over 2000 professionals in the rescue and safety sector, our expert network is also geographically extensive.

3. Multiple methods and platforms

In today’s working life, reaching employees is increasingly challenging. We make our content available flexibly across different channels and platforms. We consider the best ways for participants to engage including digital learning platforms, making training available across multiple locations.

We develop the organizations’ ability to identify, anticipate, and prepare for various adverse events – whether it is a crisis, an accident, or an operational disruption.

Contact information

Mr. Mikko Poutala, Training Manager, tel. +358 44 7225 112, mikko.poutala(a)